Friends. The back of the Mega is her favorite- she loves a good teaser. Don’t be afraid to let your sculpt show. Brooke loves a sweaty workout- plan to work hard to earn those happy hour cocktails. Spandex
totally counts as pants.

* Bloom Method Pregnancy Certified



This bombshell splits her time between the salon and the studio. You won't find her anywhere but bed in the early AM but be ready to get sweaty with this chick post work workout. Brit won't let you quit..and with her energy on the mic, you won't want to.



Our resident workout pro. Michael has been in the fitness industry for years- personal training, group training, olympic lifting...and Lagree.  He fell in love with the Method on his first shaky wheelbarrow. Watch out, he loves a two minute round of split squats to end a leg block.



Get ready. This tattooed Mega babe channels Britney every time she puts on the mic. She’s a certified member of the mermaid league. Her perpetual optimism will stick with you long after you’ve PLNK’d.
Good vibes only.

* Bloom Method Pregnancy Certified


From bungee kicks to pulsing squats, Tia loves shaping STL booties! She likes her music loud and her transitions fast, and when it comes to standing inner thigh, she'll make your body shake inch by inch.



This competitive cheerleader turned boot camp instructor turned PLNK pro will ra ra you through a 50 minute sweat sesh. Don’t let her sweet personality fool you- she gives tickets when you stand up out of lunges. She’s kinda like a coral snake, sweet and pretty on the outside with a spicy
ass kicking personality.



From yoga to boot camp to PLNK, this mega babe does it all! Katie's enthusiasm and love of fitness will keep you smiling through your toughest dancing bear. But don't let her sweet demeanor fool you. She loves the back of the machine and a killer core series. Good tunes and a good sweat guaranteed.



This Megaformer lover turned instructor will have you challenging yourself each and every class. Positive thoughts and words are her jam. Kira wants you to take it slower both in life and and on the Mega.



This PLNK Princess of Positivity is here to push you towards achieving your personal goals and pump you full of new possibility. Find her either on a Mega or at lululemon across the street, her purpose is to inspire through fitness and black stretchy pants. 

*Bloom Method Pregnancy Certified